Four core pillars of Corporate Responsibility


Ethically operate in everything we do ensuring long-term sustainable practices across all business operations.

Health & Safety

Zero Harm for all employees.

All employees deserve to return home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived at work.


Adopt strategies for the protection of land, air, water and the management of waste.


Respect and engagement with Indigenous peoples, neighbours, our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.


NSC will ethically source, supply and manage its natural resources in a manner that is financially profitable, technologically appropriate, environmentally sound and socially responsible.

NSC aims to be a leading precious metal developer and producer, achieved with a minimal physical footprint and in a sustainable way.
Uphold ethical business practices and corporate governance standards as central to business decisions and strategic goals.
Align sustainability and social responsibility efforts with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Honor and uphold all applicable legal and regulatory requirements of our host countries.
Apply systematic reviews and reporting according to industry best practice verified through internal and external auditing processes.

Environment Principles

We understand that the land has been here for millions of years and that we must tread lightly and contribute to a better environment for future generations.

  • NSC’s operations are subject to environmental regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates. These laws address emissions into the air, discharges into water, management of waste and hazardous substances, protection of natural resources and reclamation of lands disturbed by mining operations.
  • Manage natural resources to minimise impact by responsibly controlling emissions to air, water and land; reuse and recycle materials where applicable; source renewable energy when possible; and progressively rehabilitate disturbed land. (adhering to ISO 14000)
  • Protection of environmental services (air, water, soil) through sound practices in natural resource management.
  • Investing in landscape and biodiversity conservation.
  • Operational strategies have been developed to minimise risk to the environment and communities.

Community Principles

We embrace the communities in which we operate, and our intention is to work alongside and with members of those communities.

  • We have a duty to our shareholders and communities to promote sustainable growth. This is supported by safe, profitable and socially responsible business practices.
  • We place the highest value on trust, openness, integrity, respect and partnership with all stakeholders.
  • Respectful social engagement at every phase of project development.
  • Cooperative planning and stakeholder partnerships within projects.
  • Skills training and employment for stakeholders giving equal value to all ages and gender.
  • Understanding, respecting and protecting local culture and heritage values.
  • Honor and respect local indigenous culture, heritage values and provide a positive and lasting impact on local communities through employment and business and development partnerships.
  • NSC’s corporate performance is guided by engagement and working relationships with local communities and government.

Health & Safety Principles

Health and safety is a major focus for Nevada Silver Corporation. People are at the centre of our business and we have developed an integrated management system and policies and procedures designed to meet all regulatory requirements and promote health and safety at all levels of the organization.

  • Adopt a ‘zero harm objective’ for all our people, whether employees, contractors or in our communities.
  • NSC believes that all employees should be entitled to return home in the same conditions in which they arrived at the start of work.
  • Our health and safety policies comply with local workplace laws and are continually reviewed to ensure compliance.
  • Our training programs and on-boarding for new employees is comprehensive in scope and scale.